stay at home daddy.

have the words “i could never do that” come from your mouth?

I spoke those words a few years ago about staying home and raising our kids. In my mind, i need to go out and produce, to support my family and take pride in the job that i do.
Today i laid that lens over the idea of staying at home and raising babies and i believe i got a clear glimpse of one of THE most important jobs anyone could take.


This is a photo of myself and our 21 month old Jack. We were playing in the kitchen floor when he crawled up into my lap and hugged me. I don’t get this everyday because i go to work, so being home these last few days has provided the opportunity for me to really get a glimpse of what it’s like to guide and nourish him in his development. I’ve noticed that every moment is critical for child development. Teaching them new words, how to make choices and sowing seeds of confidence in the their little heart garden is so important and to be the messenger that God chooses to raise a child is truly a remarkable honor and challenge.

Ideally, if i could be a stay at home dad, this is what it would look like: I’d have to home school. I would do my best to make our home as self sufficient as possible. By this, i mean we would raise our vegetables and chickens, thus lowering our dependency on corporate food. Given my background in construction, landscape and photography, I can fix, maintain and create. I could add to our home as we need, fix things that break, maintain a beautiful home we could take pride in and we would always have art to hang on the walls until Sarah gets sick of my work. I would instill in my kids the ability to take care of things that need to be done, and be less dependent on the work of others, which you may or may not be able to trust. We would take day trips to places and expand our grasp of nature. We would go places and volunteer. We would do chores. We would be scheduled and organized. We would go to time out if we misbehave. We would read and study at home. We would socialize and play organized sports and be involved in a community, probably connected to our church, actually, definitely connected to our church. We would take naps and exercise. We would study and know scripture, probably like jewish kids know the Torah.

Obviously, i speak idealistically, but i think it would be pretty awesome to get it done. To me, this sounds like work I could take pride in, as a father, looking back on how my kids were raised and how they turned out.