i’m reading a book called “life together” by dietrich bonhoeffer. It’s a great book! He was a priest in Germany during WWII and he was arrested for being a part of the plot to assassinate hitler. (he was actually asked to be chaplain of this group) While he was in prison, he wrote this book.
I tried reading it a while ago, and for some reason, just couldnt. but now it seems that it has been opened to me and i am just soaking it in. i’m going to share stuff from it. feel free to let me know your thoughts, and if you’ve read the book, or you want to, join me and we can discuss it here, or maybe i’ll start a book discussion blog… who knows?!

Bonhoeffer is talking about Christians needing one another to share the words of scripture with one another. He is saying that our ties are in Christ, for we all have the same thing in common- the death/burial/resurrection of Christ and now, we have an immediate need to support one another. Christs achievement of obedience set the standard for our goal of obedience.
one thing that should be considered here is that upon accepting Christ, we are immediately drawn into a relationship with others. Christ never meant for us to be loners and to do life outside the community, simply because he knew that it would be tough, too tough for us to handle on our own. I believe that’s why you rarely saw christ by himself in scripture, he always had people around him. For me, one of the biggest tragedies of our day is when someone is not made aware of the reality that life cant be done (and shouldn’t be done) alone. We were made for community.
I believe we are meant to speak scripture to one another, to encourage one another with those Holy words that bind us together in our common goal to be obedient to Christ.
I see it more and more in our community: the subtle attack of the enemy to seperate Christ’s followers through self sufficiency. I see it alot in my own community. there are men that are dear to me that dont share in one another’s lives and dont breathe scripture to one another, and i can tell that on the inside they are close to death. It’s quite sad. The enemy has a way of encouraging us to build walls through hurts and pains and shames that we sometimes cant get over… without a solid community to encourage with scripture and share in those times.
It is good to know that people and scripture are close at hand for us most of us.
Share a word with a brother or sister… who knows what they’re dealing with.