My name is jason. This is my little corner of information and opinion. I definitely enjoy the idea of sharing my ideas and opinions. If you read this blog, you may notice that earlier posts are somewhat political and spiritual. Some may be lighthearted while others tend to carry a more serious tone. These are just opinions that i have… sprinkled with some truth. My thoughts and opinions change and will probably continue to change. I grew up in the middle class south, and for years, this is the lens that i viewed the world through. As i have grown as a person, with the help of some amazing individuals (namely, my wife, my parents and inlaws, Dr. David Anthony, Dave McClanahan, Sandy Segars, everyone i met during my CPS training, and all of my amazing friends and the people i have met along my journey) i have started an honest endeavor to live outside of the bubble that we consider culture or community. It’s my desire to:

  • try my best to view EVERYONE through the eyes of God, which i believe has led me to have a soft heart and a ton of compassion.
  • view the world and circumstance through the eyes of everyone involved. This is not easy, but can be done, and i believe profitable.

anyway, this blog has taken more of a turn towards motorcycles and photography. I specifically enjoy vintage motorcycles and film photography. I  I’m exploring the idea of making a career move to photography.

feel free to follow this blog, ask questions, influence, be influenced and journey with me.

thanks, Jason (

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