The reason for God.

I received a copy of Timothy Keller’s book, ‘The Reason For God’ yesterday. So far I’ve gotten to the second chapter. He has done a good job reciting reasons for peoples disillusion with religion. Ideas like, “religion has done more to hurt humanity”, or ” all religions lead to the same God” or “All religions are essentially the same” are themes he goes through in the first chapter to set the scene to explain how Christ and Christianity are different. He talks a bit about how the  ideas have changed over the years from everyone being religious to how now most people would say they are spiritual, but not religious. The major theme now being that religion is divisive and hurtful.  


I really like Keller. He is smart. His books and teaching are intellectual, not watered down easy invitations to the gospel. He is the pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian. Check him out.