birthday, and why question answered.

i recieved some pretty solid goodies for my birthday

it may seem weird that i’m reading a book about basic photography because i’ve been shooting since 2003, but i started out with a canon 10d at a wedding, and never looked back. Sure i’ve learned aperture, shutter speeds and some basic post production editing, but i’ve never learned the process in great detail.  Basically, i’m taking a step back, putting down the digital, and i’m going to learn the mechanics of photography from composition to final print. I believe it will make me a more solid photographer, and help me grow past the insecurities that have held me back since 2003. I know i can compose a shot, but i’m scared to death of the questions that revolve around photography. The other day someone asked me about cross-processing. I had to look it up. I want to be able to answer questions and help others because there is so much going on in this world, the more we know, as photographers… the more we can share through our images.