i picked up a 64 ford fairlane 500 last week. It’s all original, has 83,000+ miles and needs a total restoration. Its an inline six car, so ill pull out the motor and transmission and go with a same period 302 and c4 transmission. We bought the car in an effort to start a mentoring program for high school students that are involved in the alternative school program here in Paulding County. We will build the car and host an annual car show to auction off the car and give the proceeds to the morgan brooke foundation, which is and effort to rehabilitate victims of sexual exploitation and slavery.

we will keep the interior all original except for colors. we’ll paint everything, and have the upholstery redone, use the same gauges, etc, we’ll probably even use the same wheels and hubcaps. the idea is to beef up the drive train and suspension and make this car a solid daily driver.

we’ll see how this one goes, and then we’ll look into more classic rides like 57 chevy’s, pony cars, and 32 fords. I also want to do motorcycles, but i’m going to have to come across something awesome like an old indian or old harley, or bonneville. I dont know what we’d do if someone donated an old Norton. (that bike might disappear mysteriously)