happy new year!

2009 was a great year. i got married, visited key west, learned alot more about my family and friends, found an amazing job, started a non profit organization, found my self an old cb750 (which i’m still trying to start), went an amazing church for a while, moved on to another amazing church, began to realize more and more truths about myself (thank you sarah), had an amazing surprise party for my 30th birthday (thank you sarah). I also realized my love for good belgium and dark beers, i learned to appreciate slowing down and being where i am, I began to learn how to appreciate family (again, thank you sarah). I had my first married Christmas, i rode my motorcycle alot with some amazing dudes, reconnected a bit with some old friends, watched a friend move to charleston, went to savannah 4 times, once was july 4th (tybee island was miserable). My best friend got engaged, got his triumph running, and got over here for some new year festivities last night. Sarah and i grew an awesome garden and enjoyed our veggies. We picked up another dog, welcome oscar. I went to barber vintage festival, met a cool dude named Chris in gainesville… probably one of the coolest dudes i know. Two of my friends brought home their new born a few weeks early, we were all thankful because its was a tough stretch for them, even after bringing her home. She’s healthy and beautiful. I lost my grandfather to alzheimers. He’s still alive, but not with us.

i plan on  enjoying life more this year. I’ll be 31 in 14 days. I dont want to get busy. I want to do the things i enjoy like working on motorcycles and playing drums, but i want my time with my wife and friends to be intentional. I want my health and my weight to be a priority. I want to enjoy mornings and slow down in the evenings. i want to know God. I want to develop my own relationship with him, not try to maintain a relationship that i think should look a certain way. I’m going on vacation and i’ll probably leave my phone at home. one thing i’m probably most excited about is taking really awesome motorcycle trips.  Overall, i’m pretty excited about 2010.

i had a good year, full of good people and good experiences, and i’m looking forward to new experiences in 2010.

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