photos from the garage.

ok, i’ll post them anyway. not a big fan of publishing photos sans-editing.

barber vintage motorcycle festival

swapmeets. YES.

i didnt really get any good photos because i left film at the store, and my cell phone died. But i did get a photograph of a Vincent Black Shadow. Fastest bike in the 50’s. It bolstered 3 drum brakes: two up front and one in the rear. Jake told me this the other day and i have been fascinated ever since. The clutch handle actually has an extra handle that works as a break too. 150+ miles per hour in the 50’s was quite a feat. Now this bike is worth around $100,000. I’m waiting for that special barn find.


got to see a little vintage road racing.

i bought some beat up moto guzzi panniers to go on the honda. $20. no big deal.

around the garage 003

barber was great. the dirtys will be makin it an annual run. Next year, i think i’ll take some parts and camp in the swapmeet area all weekend. could life get any better?



i pulled out the DSLR and went to the garage for a few minutes today. Since it’s an outdated canon 10d, i thought it might give me what i was looking for in a photograph: grain and dirtiness. So i cranked the ISO as high as it could go and went to town.

the only problem: i dont have any way to edit photos right now.

so you probably wont get to see them any time soon, unless someone comes off with a copy of cs3 for a pc.