moto update.

good morning, team.

here’s a little update on the 73 cb750 i’ve been working on.

First and foremost, this has been the easiest bike in the world to work on (granted, i’ve only worked on two bikes). Parts have been pretty cheap, especially the $5 tail light assembly that i won on ebay. So far, since i brought the bike home, i have added a new headlight and tail light assembly, carburetors, different gas tank, freed up the front brake system, installed the handle bars, and hooked up all the electrical. Actually, i have to give credit to sarah who hooked it all up. A few weeks ago, i found a chain and battery from my first Cb. I charged the battery last night, but i think it is dead, so it’s looking like i’m going to go get one today. I also went through all the electrical last night and made sure it was in good condition. I think the starter solenoid is bad. So far i can tell that there is a leak coming from the alternator cover, and i think the front shock towers are going to need to be rebuilt, as they are starting to leak just a little bit from the seals. All the lights are working. I dont think the side covers match the bike, so i’m probably going to have to get new ones. I have another front brake system, reservoir to caliper coming from ebay, along with a coil assembly and spark plug wires. Today i’m going to hook up the gas tank and i should be starting the bike pretty soon. That’s when we will really see what we’re going to need as far as motor work goes. If i have to tear it apart, i’ll probably bore it out, and go with new high performance cam, pistons, etc…. just to give it that little bit extra.

i’m not looking to make a race bike, just a good vintage sport touring bike. When it’s all said and done, i hope to have a simple bike with hard bags and a detachable luggage rack. I  plan on painting it myself, so the paint job will be fresh. I am also debating on painting the wheels black and using pod air filters… actually, i’m definitely going to use pod air filters… i hate the stock air box, and i’ll almost have to with the performance upgrades. i’ll post some more photos this afternoon.

anyway, thus begins the dream.





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