gardenzo .

both gardens are coming in well. i’m having a little bit of powdery mildew problem with my big leafed stuff (squash and zuchini) at the indie house. This comes as no surprise because we barely get 6 hours of sun in the garden. We’ve got a ton of cucumbers and whole lot of herbs (thai basil, lemon basil, mint, mint julep, lavender, dill, rosemary, sweet basil, and stevia) at the townhouse garden. If you want some, let me know. all of our stuff is organic, comes from Young’s Mill farmthrough Farmer D organics. We use only organic fertilizers and spray fungicides and pesticides that are USDA organic certified so we dont worry about eating veggies and chemicals. 

we have watermelons, pumpkins, winter squash, pole beans and tomatos coming soon. 

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