unjust america.

America has a nasty little history of injustice.  

1. American Indians

2. Women

3. African Americans

4. Homosexuals

am i missing anyone else? 

It’s kind of gross. I think the next time i hear someone say “america is a Christian Nation”  I’m going to…. pray for them, and then implement  anger management techniques.  

I guess none of us are perfect. 

i did hear that congress was planning to or has apologized to the african american community for slavery. I’m just trying to figure out why we aren’t celebrating this. 

i also have thoughts on gay rights and the preservation of the family i cant wait to share. 


2 thoughts on “unjust america.

  1. I think there a lot more than just the 4 you listed. There are also a lot of sub categories under those. And a lot of times people get confused on what to label someone as. A lot of artists get called fags. Sorry, but pick the right label to degrade someone.

    It goes on and on. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the preservation of the family.

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