lose control

anger can be an explosive, detrimental emotion. If not managed well, anger can have devastating effects in human relations to self and others. Anger can bring about depression, drug abuse, and many other psychologically based problems. I don’t think enough people give credit to the power of anger.
i remember a time when i was sixteen, i punched the window out of my truck. I backed up my actions by saying that i was angry about my girlfriend and recent developments in our relationship. Truthfully, i was just angry and frustrated. I don’t know if it was because of my drug abuse at the time, or what, but i just remember being angry.
Many things can play into our anger. addictions, circumstances, people, things, etc. can all have huge impacts on the things that trigger anger in us.
Here’s a bit of good news: we all have triggers. To recognize this, is monumental to management. There are different triggers for different individuals and each person’s sensitivity varies. Someone who has explosive anger outbursts would be highly sensitive to the things that trigger that individual. An individual that brushes things off easily, would be less sensitive.
I believe the key to anger management is patience. If you can be patient with your responses to the things that cause you to feel anger, you are more likely to remain calm and civil instead of becoming violent. To truly control anger, you must see things in reality. When we are angry, we view things as unattractive, threatening, or unpleasant and we want to react to those negative aspects. If we can wrap our minds around the whole of the situation, including the positive aspects of the who or what of the situation, then we can implement necessary means to remain calm.

The idea is to think before you react. The process can take a long time. The fact is there is hope!


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