through His blood and resurrection, we have a seat at the table. The bible tells us that in him our transgressions are forgiven and we are made whole, just as Christ. this is a process that started out with the first generation of Jews when God decreed that blood must be shed for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus, upon his arrival here on earth was the final sacrifice for us. his human blood covered it all, every sin. Scripture says that all sins were upon him as he hung there on the cross. 

My thoughts on this are as follows:

why believe this? the bible is the only historical book to be written where all prophecies have come true and it is a completely historically accurate document. writers like Josephus carried on documentation from the same time period as christ and the first church. This carries so much weight because of what is at stake in the scriptures. You cant look at the bible and think nothing of the fact that in the beginning, our ancestors were together with God. Scripture says that they walked with Him in the garden. Scripture also says, they chose to do exactly what God asked them not to do. This is called sin. He took the life of an animal to cover their shame. Some years later, He gave them a document pointing explaining what to do and that if those sins were broken, a sacrifice was to be made. Life blood was to be spilled to cover the sins. the people did this regularly, but every year there was a sacrifice to be made for the sins of all the people of Israel. It’s truly fascinating if you read the old testament in light of what happens in the new testament.

I dont  know alot about apologetics or even biblical history or even why God chose to send Christ instead of continuing on with the sacrifices. i dont even know why God opened up salvation to the Gentiles, but what i do know is that what happened to Christ thirty three years after he was born and lived a sinless life is what bridged the gap for us to be united with God. 

Christ, who is God, chose to be born on the earth and took the form of a common man. There are hundreds of  propehecies in the old testament that point to the life he would live and for the jew, they connected what was happening in the present to what was prophecied in the old testament. Christ lived a sinless life. Now, if you look back at the regulations of the old testament law, the sacrifice given had to be one that was perfect, without blemish. Translating that to human terms… one with out sin. This sinlessness that Christ exhibited was the ticket to becoming our payment for sin. For three years at the end of His life, Christ poured everything He wanted his people to know into twelve guys. He ate with these guys, spent everyday with them and taught them his life. Why did he do this? Because He had an agenda… bring the whole world back to what God originally intended. more on this later.

Christ poured His life into these guys and then died a horrible death on a cross. But it doesnt end there…. Christ rose again three days later, sealing our way back to the Father. with this death, his blood was shed. you see, christ was the ultimate fulfillment of the law. In order to be right with God, the blood of spotless animals had to be sacrificed, Christ came to be that sacrifice, his sinlessness the glue, He poured out His blood so that we may be connected once again. His life took on all the frustrations and temptations that a man or woman can face, and in those, HE DID NOT SIN. His pure blood was spilled as a sacrifice for our Holy God. And now we all have a way to be united with him. Scripture says that He cannot have fellowship with sinfulness. When i look at scripture, i read stories of Christ with people who were greedy, selfish, disobedient, dirty, sexually open to whatever, dishonest, etc. If God cant have fellowship with sinners, then why is Christ with them? Christ went to them because He is the Way for us to be with the Father. In Christ, no sins are seen by the Father. In Christ, we are covered in the Redemptive blood that covers our sin.

Do you see why i cant walk away. The book is true, the stories happened. The story is not yet finished either. We are not fully with God in the flesh. We will be. Much like a man waits to be with His bride in full knowing of each other, we wait because the marriage is coming and we will know Him completely know Him!

thank you jesus.