i heard a great conversation between chuck colson, shane claiborn, and greg boyd the other day on my way home from savannah. It was on the topic of politics, of course, this being an election year. I love to hear the perspectives from the different generations, and i see it in my family as well as i talk with my mom and dad about politics and allegiances and different things of the political nature. 

one thing that i thought was great was greg boyd was talking about the title of shane’s new book “jesus for president” and greg says something to the effect of “the title of Lord” doesnt mean that much to us in this day and age. we notice titles like president and ceo. So i think that the title for shane’s book is brilliant!”

i couldnt have agreed more. When is the last time you heard someone called lord? Maybe in our timeless pursuit to uncover scriptural truth, we forgot a simple thing like how we relate. Maybe if we began to call jesus “president of my life” or understand him as the CEO of our families or finances, we might take to heart the truths that are written in His book. 

i thought this very interesting. 

check this out if you want to hear the whole conversation.

now go and multiply yourselves.