I’m proud

of my brother. He just graduated from boot camp. you can see pictures here. I dont like the idea of war. actually, it’s not the idea of war that i dont like. I HATE the fact that innocent people die. I hate the fact that the government spends so much money to fund war. I think we could do alot to end poverty (something i believe is a root to war and fighting) if we would take some of that money and spend it differently. Anyway, that’s another post.
I am so excited for stephen!!! He was first in his class, voted to be platoon leader by his fellow soldiers, and won a medal for his physical fitness scores. He will defend us well!
I cant describe the way i felt as i saw him marching and getting his awards, or when i saw him dressed in his uniform. It was more than proud. i was honored to call him my brother.
Pray for stephen as he goes. he’s going into the special forces. He starts jump school next week and for the next 5 weeks and then on to fort Bragg where he begins special forces selection and training.



2 thoughts on “I’m proud

  1. Jason,

    Praise the Lord! How exciting for Stephen and your family. Thank you for the update. I still pray for him.

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