i was encouraged by a friend of mine to go out and buy the book “strength finder 2.0”. I read the first chapter and took the assessment, and i think it’s great! The book is written by a guy named Tom Rath, he is a scientist that works for gallup. (a research company much like the barna group.).
Anyway, this book focuses on the strengths aspect of the individual. Right off the bat, he comes out the gate with a mention of the idea that “you can be anything you want to be” and squashes it… which makes total sense. For me personally, i’m not a numbers guy, so if i said “I want to be an accountant or a financial planner”, i would spend a ton of time and energy with no return… because dealing with numbers is not a strength of mine.
he actually brings up the movie rudy and how heroic that guy was, but what a horrible waste of time that guy spent pursuing that dream. He obviously wasnt made to play football. For me, i loved the game of baseball, and played well, but never made allstars or anything that would push me to want to pursue it…. so i stopped playing. (not that i gathered some insight at a young age
i dont know that life is always caught up in production and results, but i know that living life to the fullest and being happy is a good EARTHLY goal to have (to those of us that serve a risen Lord, we have a different calling!!!!)…. not spending our time seeking after something that we were not deisgned to attain.
anyway, go check out this book. it was only $16. You get the book and a code to do the assessment that took me only 15 minutes. It’s written really well, too. it’s pretty engaging.
175 pages. it’s not a big book though…


3 thoughts on “strengthfinder

  1. Dude did you just read the first chapter or did you read the whole thing? Thanks for the information on this book. I will look into grabbing a copy of it. We missed you Wednesday!!!

  2. the beginning of the book starts with a few chapters as an overview, then you go over your top 5 strengths and thats pretty much the book… but it’s very insightful into your strengths…. i think yu should pick it up.
    i missed you guys wednesday too!!!

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