folsom prison blues.

last night i had the great opportunity to play drums at a YDC (youth detention center) in dallas, ga. My buddy chris called me two days before to play drums, and asked me if i could come up with a sound system. On the way to the event, i found out the guy playing bass wasn’t going to make it… so i called up my buddy jordan and with 10 minutes notice came to the rescue (and did a fabulous job!!) It was great to play with some of the guys from westridge again that i havent played with in a while.
My friend paul was speaking, and i knew this was going to be a great night.
I had been excited about it since Chris had called me and asked me to play. The overwhelming thought in my mind was “what would i say to these guys and girls if i was asked to speak?”
well, i was talking to paul before we got started, and mentioned to him that i had actually been sent to a place like this when i was 18, and then he asked me if i wanted to share that.
i was excited!!!!
It was great, i had the opportunity to share a short bit of the road that i had been on before Christ had changed me. I felt like i related with those kids, as i remember being locked up myself, scared, knowing that this was not where i was supposed to be. I shared hope with these kids and it was funny because the message that i shared was what paul ended up sharing too… the message that God is not through with any of us!!!
I prayed that these kids would never give up hope in themselves and in God and his purpose for their lives.
I talked to one guy that wanted me to pray for his family. His name is josh. He told me of how the majority of his family was either on drugs or in prison and that this was his seventh time in. He said he wanted to see change in his family, and i had the opportunity to share with him a quote that has rocked my life since the first time i had heard it myself:
Be the change you want to see in the world.




i was encouraged by a friend of mine to go out and buy the book “strength finder 2.0”. I read the first chapter and took the assessment, and i think it’s great! The book is written by a guy named Tom Rath, he is a scientist that works for gallup. (a research company much like the barna group.).
Anyway, this book focuses on the strengths aspect of the individual. Right off the bat, he comes out the gate with a mention of the idea that “you can be anything you want to be” and squashes it… which makes total sense. For me personally, i’m not a numbers guy, so if i said “I want to be an accountant or a financial planner”, i would spend a ton of time and energy with no return… because dealing with numbers is not a strength of mine.
he actually brings up the movie rudy and how heroic that guy was, but what a horrible waste of time that guy spent pursuing that dream. He obviously wasnt made to play football. For me, i loved the game of baseball, and played well, but never made allstars or anything that would push me to want to pursue it…. so i stopped playing. (not that i gathered some insight at a young age
i dont know that life is always caught up in production and results, but i know that living life to the fullest and being happy is a good EARTHLY goal to have (to those of us that serve a risen Lord, we have a different calling!!!!)…. not spending our time seeking after something that we were not deisgned to attain.
anyway, go check out this book. it was only $16. You get the book and a code to do the assessment that took me only 15 minutes. It’s written really well, too. it’s pretty engaging.
175 pages. it’s not a big book though…