penetration. (a basic principle of the Faith made real)

i was reading psalms this morning and thinking of how as humans, we tend to let the things people say influence the way we act and the way we think about ourselves. I was very encouraged in the words the writer was saying. My thought was what if we took the time to read scripture and let it penetrate our minds and beings in a way that effected the way we act and think about ourselves. I wonder how many people (this has been a long, hard-learned lesson for me) dont read scripture for it’s true value, yet read it out of duty because a pastor said “that’s the way to be a good christian.”
I think that if we take the time to read and let the words rest on our hearts, we will be encouraged and we will then, be able to encourage!
that sounds like the Body to me! That sounds like a thing the lost will want to be a part of.


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