my brother left yesterday to go into the army. i’m super excited for him.
BUT… i’ve gotta be honest. there’s certain fear that runs through me as i think over my brothers decision. it’s the fear that when he goes off to defend our country, he may not come home. I know that is something you just have to deal with it. I hope for the best and i believe it’s good for him and i dont have a doubt that he will do a good job at what he will be doing.
He will be joining special forces to fight for his country. he is entering as a private first class.
the thing i have noticed about my brother during this time of making the decision to go was that he did just that, he made up his mind to do it… and did it!
he has a goal and i believe he will work hard to achieve it.
i appreciate his willingness to serve.


One thought on “army

  1. I don’t know your brother. But I do know that I am proud of the decision he has made to serve our Country. Since you mentioned that he was joining up several weeks back in our Journey Group I have prayed for him and will continue to do so!!

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