i’ll be honest, i’ve just been lazy with the bloggery. i havent really read anything worthwhile or studied anything that i wanted to pass on.
sarah and i went on a great hike today. i’ll post pictures tomorrow.
i talked with my boss about politics the other day. He made the statement that he believes that the leader of the united states should be a christian. My pastor stated this morning that he had an opposing view on the topic, saying that he would’nt vote for someone just because he is a christian. I hold to the latter as well.
Me personally, i’m more interested in what a candidate did in his or (hopefully not her, this time around) own state. Did he bring about reform in government spending? Did he do anything for the education system? How did he vote on the war? Is he for or against the fair tax? I dont care if he was a baptist minister, or a gynecologist… how will he run our country based on his track record?!!!!
Here’s the deal. no one is perfect. no one will make the best decisions all the time. there will always be faulty intelligence. there will always be people with agendas. Let us not forget all the scriptures, especially in proverbs, that talk of the kings heart being in God’s hands. No matter what happens, i will trust God to lead us as a country in His direction. I believe that God works out kingdoms for His glory, not man’s.
I dont say this to end on a fatalistic note, as to say “well, it’s in God’s hands, i’m not going to vote.” I’m saying, research the candidates and the issues that mean alot to you, and ask God who to vote for, and if you really do care, GO VOTE!!!!