luke seventeen

i heard a really good message tonight from my buddy Paul Richardson, the outreach pastor at westridge. He was speaking at an event, it’s more like a church inside a church, called genesis. if you look at it from the surface, you would say it’s the singles ministry, but knowing tim, the pastor and his vision for where this is going, it’s more like a movement.
This gathering happens every thursday night at westridge at 730. there is a coffee bar, resource table and plenty of people to connect with. The band is great, and Tim is an excellent communicator.
mp3’s of the messages are available for download.
i’ll link to pauls message as soon as it becomes available.
i laid the truth that he was teaching over my own life and realized what a prideful man i am. it wasnt an easy thing.
“i am your humble servant. i’ve done what you asked me to do.” Luke seventeen.