non paul.

ok. so i have looked into a few more things on brother ron.
check out this article.
appearantly ron paul has been taking contributions from white supremist, racist and neo-nazi’s. i had first heard that contributions had come in from the KKK, but that was only the beginning. after reading this article , i was appalled at Ron Pauls campaign to lack of response to the questions that were asked.
there have been many responses to this article written about his contribution list. the original post of this article was found on this page.
if you scroll down past the original post, you will find someone had posted a request for a answer from the ron paul camp to this article, and the responses start here.

i guess when you finally have someone that speaks out against government, the groups that are anti-government want to support that person.
one thing that i thought was interesting was one person’s comment from the Ron Paul campaign was “why give the money back? if we give the money back, they will just be able to use it for their own operations.”
sounds to me like Ron Paul is either in bed with these guys or has a back door approach to funding his campaign and shutting them down.

i will try to find more on ron pauls civil rights policies. i bet he supports civil rights. what moron running for office wouldn’t.



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