ron paul

i have been searching out who i would like to be our next president. i have been looking into ron paul. i like him.
i’m torn because i feel like this country will need someone who will step in line and keep things in order, but i would like to see someone like Ron Paul get in there and shake things up a little. Is this country ready for a little shaking? i dont know. maybe. maybe not.
Ron Paul wants to pull all our troops out from everywhere in the world. I personally think this is a bad idea. We have made some folks mad in other parts of the world, and i think that if we leave, they’ll come visit us… or try to.
i have to say that i wish we would have just left things alone, gotten a little more trusty intellegence before we decided to change the world with rockets.
Ron paul wants to do away with the IRS and go to a national sales tax. i’m down with that. my only concern is, who is going to get hurt in the process. the poor? the rich? i’d rather see the rich empty their pockets. Actually, i’d really like joyce meyer to sell the $30,000 toilet she had installed in her mansion and pay for the children in bamboo, jamaica get a decent education. (sidenote)
I read an article the other day where he was saying that he wanted to do away with the federal reserve so we would stop creating credit, and so we could live within our means as a country. God only know what will happen if that should ever go through.
overall, i like ron paul. i think our hearts beat the same rhythym.

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