i’ve been thinking long and hard about our community, the poor, children and widows and those that live in the margins. Last year i went with some friends on a regular basis to hand out clothing and give coffee and water to people that resided on street corners and in shelters. it was an awesome time of trying really hard to make people from the street feel accepted and loved and just normal. what blew me away was that on several occasions, as we passed out goods, i noticed (literally!) that they would take these items to the corner just down the block and sell what was just given to them as a gift. after a little more research and coming to grips with what i knew to be a horrible reality, these folks were selling these gifts for a profit to support a habit.
it was at that point that i knew that if we are ever to change the face of poverty, we must get involved.
it was sobering. i think that with realization comes responsibility.
i believe in community. i believe that if we are to reach folks, it should be our job to make them feel accepted. it is a known fact that in all of us we have a desire to belong. it empowers us and gives us purpose. Christ wants us to belong to Him. so what i’m saying is that what if we took the time in our own lives to make people feel welcome, to help them know they are loved. would we be imitating Christ? i think most certainly! Christ gives us all the call to follow him. (this isnt about your theology) He wants us to find meaning in Him and find our purpose in the cross.
so all i’m saying is get involved. give someone the power to feel human.

what does the resurrected Christ look like to those around us?



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